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Jamaica Plain

A historic neighborhood of Boston, Jamaica Plain spans about 4.4 square miles and is known as one of Boston’s “greenest” neighborhoods with the famous Emerald Necklace park system as its backdrop.


Those looking to own a home in this lush setting have a wonderful selection of triple-decker homes, large Victorians, and recently converted luxury loft condominiums.

Originally part of the city of Roxbury, Jamaica Plain has access to public transportation with numerous bus lines, along with stations that are serviced by the Green Line and Commuter Rail.

If beautiful Jamaica Plain sounds like the right place for you, Metro Realty Group would love to help you find the perfect new rental for you to call home.

Metro Realty Corp. specializing in Jamaica Plain homes for sale, as well as Jamaica Plain apartment rentals. If you’d like help finding the perfect Jamaica Plain home, contact us today.